Training For My First Race

Submitted by admin on Fri, 03/17/2017 - 13:11
Pace Bend

So, I've got about a month left until my first race and I've ridden the trail a few times to get familiar with it. I'm completely new to race training, so I have no idea what I'm doing. It makes sense to be familiar with the potential course ahead of time so I know what I can expect. My times still need lots of improvement if I don't want to be dead last. And that's my goal, anything but last place.

My first ride out at Pace Bend was with the Austin Ridge Riders last year. I rode with the intermediate group because I was feeling pretty confident. I remembered it being really rocky and technical but I did have fun riding. Last month, I went out to try and see what a race would be like and see if I could figure out what my time might be. I took my time and needed lots of rests. The actual elapsed time, including breaks and rests, was almost 2hr! I thought it was ok for my first time solo, but I need to get it down to 0:50 says race team captain, Desert Nomad. I think that's pretty optimistic, we'll see...

For my second training ride, my goal was to stop and keep trying a few sections I walked on my first go. Even with my stopping and sessioning some sections my total elapsed time was faster and my moving time improved by 6 minutes. I was feeling pretty good about that ride, but I'm still aiming for more improvement.

The third ride was with 2 other guys on the race team. I was excited to ride with some of the guys that have given me such good advice over the last two years. One of our bikes had a mechanical issue, so we were down to me and one other. All the sections I couldn't make last ride and I took the time to session I did pretty good on. We got a little off course, so who knows what the time difference is

You can check out my strava info below.

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