New Intense Bikes

Submitted by zack on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 16:55
An intense bike in the box.

New bikes are in!  This is an exciting time for a mechanic.  High-end bikes are where we get to exercise our artistry.  In this box is a smattering of parts, and it's my call as to how they're pieced together.  What I do all day, in essence, is assemble expensive puzzles.  It's awesome.


Try not to drool on the merchandise.
Deep breath.  And begin.
Our kind carry a mantra: Always Be Knolling.  Many of us do it unconsciously, but it's a tremendous habit to get into with mindfulness and deliberation.

Nice, even rows of your components are a great way to keep a quick inventory of your smaller, easily-lost or misplaced bits.  Working in parallel and perpendicular, "knolling" is itself an art form.  Proper implementation is key in building a bike.

Bike Bones

Establish early the seat post within the seat tube or seat mast, if available.  Around this, all other components may be placed.  Most mechanics will pick a direction and stick with it.  I'll first install the fork onto the frame, then handlebars so I can keep the levers and cables up and out of my way.  After this, I go back to front under most circumstances.  Attaching derailleurs, then the rear wheel, then a brake adjust, then a front derailleur (if provided), then front brakes and final adjusts.

Not Just a Recommendation - a Necessity
Folks, this isn't just a recommendation.

After all of the components are stuck onto the frame, it's time for a final torque-ing.  This, I cannot stress enough - if it gives you a torque specification, use it.  If a specification isn't provided, call your manufacturer and ask them directly.  This will save you much potential grief and tears.  And after that...


And there you have it - a bike.  In particular, you have an Intense Primer with the Foundation Build, and let me tell you, it is a treat.  Please feel free to come by and ogle!

This has been the first installment of Technical Support.  I look forward to serving you in the future, and if you've got any questions about bikes or any questions about myself, or if you're just down to hang out and chat, you know where to find me.  Until next time, God bless and be good.

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