Introduction: Nick Landis

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My Orbea at the top of 'Dump Truck' trail on the Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, TX

Hello, everyone. I'm Nick. I'm a musician and audio engineer living in Austin, TX and I work close by to the Texas Cycle Werks shop. With my work, I spend so much time indoors that trail riding has been a great way to keep me excited about getting out and exercising a bit. There are so many great trails in the Austin area that I feel a bit spoiled with the amount of choices only an hour drive or less from where I live and work. As a new mountain bike rider, I always have new questions that I think lots of other new riders might be interested in. I'll be writing from time to time giving my perspective as a new mountain bike rider.

My Bikes

I own two bikes that are both very different from each other. My first 'real mountain bike' was an Orbea Occam H20. It's a full suspension aluminum 29er. The rear suspension has 105mm of travel, Fox Shocks front and back, lots of Shimano and Race Face components and is a blast to ride. It's been converted to a 1x10 drive train and has a dropper seat post. This is more of an XC (Cross Country) or All-Mountain (AM) bike, but not really either. I'm still discovering my riding style and what kind of bike fits me best, but I really like to ride this bike.

My other bike is a Heller Shagamaw GX-1. It a mid-fat (27.5" x 3" tires) carbon-fiber hard tail. So right off the bat from that description, everything is different. No rear suspension, it's not metal and it's got bigger fatter tires than my other bike. It is remarkably light considering how much rubber it's got! This is more of an XC bike than anything else. Its comfortable on long rides, came from the factory with a dropper seat post and has great brakes and drive train. Also, it has big squishy tires, but on rock gardens, I still wish I was on a full suspension bike.

My Rides

Feel free to follow me on Strava or join the Texas Cycle Werks guys on the regular Tuesday and Thursday rides. Here is a link to the ride from which the featured picture above was taken.

Follow my blogs as I learn more about mountain biking in Central Texas and Austin from a beginner's perspective.

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