Introduction: Desert Nomad

Submitted by todd on Tue, 03/21/2017 - 21:36
Desert Nomad

In 2012, a group of endurance mountain biking junkies created the ATX100K series which was sponsored by Texas Cycle Werks.  It's founding director, known to most only as "Desert Nomad" and "Todd Eric" to a few,  knew that the success realized by ATX100K was largely due to the support of Texas Cycle Werks and so became a staunch supporter of the bike shop.  The owner of Texas Cycle Werks, Phil Puzzo, recognized Todd's dedication to driving business to the shop and appointed him captain of the shop's race team.

"Desert Nomad" is an Austin native and accomplished mountain biker.  His first real rides off-road were on the Barton Creek Greenbelt starting in 1982 on a BMX bike at the age of twelve.  He preferred riding the rocks and back-trails to bothering with flatland freestyle and vert ramps.  He is an ex-racer and has logged tens of thousands of dirt miles in eight states. He now volunteers time to help up-and-coming riders and racers as a skills coach.  He still heads up ATK100K and likes to ride solo ultra-marathon distances just for kicks.